Mix of Moluccan culture, dance and music.

I first came into contact with making designs in 2009-2010, but in 2017 I was ready to start my own brand. JEOFFICIAL was founded in 2017 from a passion for making designs. The personal story has been translated into the own designed designs. Someone who is an inspiration to me and motivated me to start JEOFFICIAL is good friend and rapper Zein Panzer. The first design was a design that tells a story about the Kei Southeast Maluku culture. Zein helped with the advertising video of this design and so JEOFFICIAL was born.

Dance and music find the secret place for the soul.

I Jezen grew up on Kei Island, Maluku Tenggara (Kei Island) and I am proud of my roots. The mix of Moluccan culture, dance and music has been translated into the designs. The love for dance and music inspires me.

Be yourself.

My motto is that you can achieve anything you want to achieve if you believe in yourself and work hard for it. When I started JEOFFICIAL , people looked down on me and they didn’t belief I could start my own brand. Don’t let people’s thoughts, opinions, or judgments dominate you. Work hard for your own approval or God’s approval. Those are the only ones that matter. Create a fulfilling life.

Don’t wait to be great. If you want your life to improve, you must first improve yourself.

I belief that there is no direct process and that there is no easy process. If you are open to learn from the process, you will develop yourself to move forward. In the beginning of JEOFFICIAL I had a hard time, because I didn’t have the tools to make a design, but I still keep working hard and developing myself and that’s why I’m where I am today. JEOFFICIAL now also sells in Europe and we are proud of that. I continue to develop myself and look forward so that I continue to grow as a person and JEOFFICIAL as a brand continues to grow.

If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

At JEOFFICIAL we believe that everyone is unique and can be themselves. We also want to radiate this with our designs. Keep the spirit of God and enjoy what you do and God always bless you!